Classical Showcase Nov 16 @ NYS Museum

August 29, 2014

Local 14 will sponsor the 2nd annual “Classical Showcase” featuring  Local 14 chamber groups and soloists in performance on November 16th from 1-4 PM at the NYS Museum.

Museum location TBA
1:00 A Touch of Woodwinds (woodwind, violin, cello)
1:45 Brass Takts (trumpet, horn, trombone)
2:30 Trio Pastoral (violin, viola, cello)
3:15 Riverstone (flute, oboe, cello, harp, viola)

Adirondack Hall
1:00 Alyson Slack & Jessica Belflower (violins)
1:45 Daisy Lin (piano)
2:30 Erin & Ryan Cioffi (woodwinds)
3:15 Tom Monkell & Doug Esmond (guitars)